Uganda 2013 Update

Uganda June 2013 giving water filter to refugee camp
Uganda June 2013 giving water filter to refugee camp

The visit to Uganda in June 2013 was another successful visit for WfK with a small group of 6 led by Peter Minhinnett Trustee and helped by Tom Jackson Trustee making his second Uganda visit. Other members of the party included an EHO from London, our first Australian volunteer - a lady EHO, and a recently qualified UK student EHO getting some international experience before starting his career. Also in the group was Barbara Lucas making her second visit to Uganda with WfK and Barbara has recently been invited to become a Trustee of WfK. Successes were:

  1. Completion of the new Mutukula Market Toilet block for £5,500 in Iganga, handed over to the local community at a wonderful ceremony on 1st July 2013. Provision is of 3 toilets for females and one toilet plus a urinal for males. This will provide an excellent facility in the new market being developed by the community to include over 1000 traders. Following the official handover & celebrations of the toilets to the local council and the thanks of the Chairman his Councillors
  2. The completed protected Bugabba spring near Kawete village north of Iganga. Replacing the dirty pond fast flowing water flows from 2 pipes where WfK have for £1000 protected the natural water underground spring to provide clean drinking water for a large community of over 500 people with many children included. When the cloudy water clears after a few days it will be tested with our new DelAqua water testing kit provided to Iganga Municipality, to check quality. Recent tests show very high quality drinking water where we have previously carried out similar water protection
  3. The Iganga Ladies Drama Group acted a play relating to clean water, sanitation, cleanliness and handwashing at the Kawete village where Water for Kids have protected the village water source. Several hundred local villagers enjoyed the drama and humour.
  4. Rain water harvesting (RWH) was also provided with 2 x 5000 litre water tanks installed at Naitandu village in Iganga, to provide rain water harvesting for the primary school with nearly 400 children. Also a failed and unused RWH system found at Wagodo Primary School was refurbished with new guttering, the inside of the tank was cleaned and pipework repairs to provide water for a primary school with over 300 children with previously no clean water available at the school.
  5. During the visit we did our first sampling and water testing using our new DelAqua testing kit we purchased and carried to Uganda. Before travelling one of volunteers attended a full days training in use of the kit and the sampling procedures and was able to lead on all the sampling carried out in Uganda. 30 samples were made and completed. See the initial Water Sampling Report (pdf). The kit is now being used by Muzamiru and our team in Iganga to regularly test water provided by Water for Kids Projects since we first started working in Iganga back in 2005.