Uganda Field Trip June 2009

Arriving in Uganda again accompanied by several WFK Members, the party looked forward to protecting more water sources, repairing boreholes and developing the water harvesting projects that WfK had been supporting over the last 12 months. We had carried out the following by the end of our visit:-

  • Protected 4 more water sources
  • Repaired 2 Boreholes
  • Completed Namunsaala Clinic Water Harvesting Project
  • Fitted basins to wards and improved the lab at Iganga Muslim Clinic
  • Health Education from the Ladies Drama Group
  • Started a new Water Harvesting project at Naigobya
  • Water sampling
  • Planned to provide water for the first time to displaced refugees living near Mukono
  • More repairs to Iganga Hospital Plumbing

WfK's first full water harvesting project. was completed at the Namunsaala Health Centre near Iganga. The new health centre was built by our partners Daventry Friends of Iganga. (DFOI) had been an opportunity Working with the plumber who had supervised the project, we were able to provide a divert to remove the dirty water from the 1st few minutes of rain and witness a downpour that was so strong it burst some of the seals. There was time to get it fixed and receive the thanks of the staff and locals living nearby who are thrilled to have the new source of water, letís hope it rains a lot?

Using our contacts at the orphanage in Iganga, that visitors' support, we were able to employ two of the orphans to paint suitable words on the tanks to tell everyone that the support had come from WFK and also make the whole project look much neater. At the official handover last year the Medical Officer said it was one of the smartest rural health centres in Uganda with its gravity fed rainwater storage serving the internal basins and shower.
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Kate Williamson was one of the volunteers who went along on the field trip, read her account of the 2009 Uganda field trip

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