uganda latrine
Ugandan latrine construction

Naitandu borehole reopened
after major repairs.

Rain harvesting
Rain water harvesting at Namunsaala

Naitandu village update

Richard Mills of the Red Cat Partnership, one of the corporate sponsors of Water for Kids was in Uganda in November 2011. He reports on the building of latrines in Naitandu Village “WfK provide the 'Sanplat' re-enforced concrete slabs for the latrines; the householder is expected to dig the latrine pit, provide a brick-built base for the Sanplat, and to construct a shelter around the Sanplat... My opinion is that the Sanplat is the key stimulus for the construction of the latrines.” He also said: “the village leader clearly has considerable influence and genuine leadership within the village. His role is crucial; to borrow one of our own management clichés, if there is no commitment from the top, things won’t happen.” At least 50% of the sanplats provided in 2011 have been used to build latrines which are now in use the rest are being built.

Uganda Field Trip 2008

The Water for Kids field trip to Uganda was again successful, it provided safe water for the first time to three rural communities and worked on health projects in collaboration with Daventry Friends of Iganga (DFoI) and the local District Health Services.

Before the arrival of the group, consisting of 21 people including 9 Environmental Health Officers, WfK's Ugandan partners bought materials for the projects that had been planned for action during the visit.

Members of the party had hoped to get their hands dirty and be involved with planned projects, but this is often difficult when the local people insist on doing the work themselves and try to stop the visiting 'Mzungus' getting involved. However, although the digging of water sources and building of protected facilities did take place the majority of the work done by the group involved cleaning, painting and putting the final touches to ongoing projects.
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Namunsaala Health Centre, with new paintings.

Bulabandi waterholeBulabandi works nearly completed
Bulabandi village water source at start of protection showing muddy pond and the work nearly finished.