Tanzania Rural Revival

In March 2010 the WfK Board of Trustees approved a grant of 6,000 to Tanzania Rural Revival (part of the World Development Movement Trust, a UK charity) towards the cost of drilling a borehole at Mkwamba Secondary School. This school is in its third year of operation and is in the very remote Nkasi District in Western Tanzania. Many students will not only be studying at school, they will be living there too. The government encourages students, particularly girls, to 'live in' to help support the completion of their education. This means water is needed for cooking cleaning and washing as well as the more usual school uses. The new borehole, being installed with the help of Nkasi District Council, will reduce the time spent fetching water from the village and will make life easier in all sorts of ways.

Tanzania Rural Revival is a small NGO working through personal contacts with people in Nkasi (and also in Makete District in South West Tanzania) supporting them with their priorities for development.'