WfK runs projects in Uganda and Zambia and is funding Tanzania Rural Revival and Development Direct to provide water and sanitation in Tanzania and Kenya. WfK's first projects were in Peru, it has also worked in India and three other African countries.

We have developed good relationships with the Environmental Health Officers who manage our projects in Uganda and Zambia. This has proven to be a very effective formula. For example, in Zambia since 2005, almost 45,000 people have benefitted from water and sanitation provided by Water for Kids and the Zambian Institute of Environmental Health.

We provide safe water in Uganda by protecting spring water sources and through rainwater harvesting. In Zambia it is provided by drilling boreholes or digging wells.

Water for Kids provides hygiene education and helps families to build latrines, washing and refuse facilities. Not only safe water, but also good sanitation is needed to really reduce the spread of waterborne disease, especially in children. Remember that, diarrhoea is the biggest killer of children worldwide.

Funding sought for new projects

Water for a school and clinic
Katoba is a rural area only 65km from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, but it's school with over 1,000 pupils and large clinic with a maternity ward has no water. The project will involve drilling a borehole and piping the water to the school and clinic and providing a protected well a village, expected cost £10,000.

Promoting good hygiene in Western Zambia
Our next hygiene promotion and awareness project will be in Liyoyelo and Namashe villages in Western Zambia. It follows a similar successful project in nearby Mukunkiki. Safe water will be provided, but the project's main aim will be to reduce the spread of water-borne disease by promoting the use of hygienic practices. Its core will be the training of volunteers to become Hygiene Promoters. They will then work to sensitise and mobilise each household to use safe water and to build latrines, refuse pits and dish racks. The project will cost about £8,000.



The Stephen Young Memorial Project
Following the loss of the Water for Kids Chairman, Stephen Young in 2013 a model project is being carried out in Makuutu, Uganda.

Field trips to Uganda
Peter Minhinnett runs field trips to Uganda every year. If you would like to go to Uganda in May/June 2015 please contact at