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Tamil Nadu, India

The Gambia

Standpipe at Bo
Sierre Leone



Quebrada Verde

This village was the first to receive help from Water for Kids. 1999 saw the completion of the project where a safe water supply was provided for the 1,000 residents of the squatter village in the country's coastal desert area. Up until then, the only source of water was a single well that was contaminated with a variety of diseases. This project was completed in conjunction with OACA a Peruvian Non-Governmental Organisation.


In 2003/4 Water for Kids a volunteer worked with Peruvian health professionals to provide means for villagers of Pucallpa to provide safe water. The project handed over to "Salud Para el Pueblo" which continued to work improve the sanitation and health of the people of Pucallpa.



During a Study Tour to Tanzania in 2002 a Water for Kids committee member worked with Kijimo, a women's cheese making co-operative in Arusha. She provided guidance and arranged for hygiene equipment and over clothing to be sent.

Yombo School

In 2002/3 safe water was installed for the first time for the 6,000 pupils at the Yombo School in Kiwalani close to Dar es Salaam. This work was carried out by a Water for Kids volunteer who worked with the school water committee to ensure the supply would be sustainable.


In 2007 a water supply and new toilet block was built for 50 boys living in the Bishop Bexell Orphanage in Tamil Nadu, India It was funded by Water for Kids and a church in Bath.

The Gambia

In 2001/2 WfKs volunteers and local tradesmen rebuilt and enlarged a dilapidated health centre and installed a safe water supply in Bulock, a village of 5,000 people . The project was funded by Water for Kids and the Catholic Mission.

Sierra Leone

Water for Kids has worked with two NGOs in Sierra Leone. Firstly WfK contributed £4,000 for a project run by the Makeni Support Trust in 2010 It involved providing safe water to three establishments in the town of Makeni, Sierra Leone. They are St Joseph's School for the Deaf, Holy Spirit Hospital and The University of Makeni. They had no water supply for up to six months of the year, as a result of damage during the war. Secondly in 20010/12 WfK contributed to the installation of a water tank and latrines in two large and busy markets in Bo, the second city of Sierra Leone. The water is used not only by the market traders and their families, but also by hundreds of families living nearby. The work was carried out by One World Link and also funded by the Rotary Clubs of Southam 2000, Royal Leamington Spa and Kenilworth.


In 2013 a safe water supply, four latrines and ten wash stands were built for 400 pupils at the Karongi Primary School. The project was run by Help a Rwandan Person (HARP) and the Kigali Health Institute. In addition to the Water for Kids grant of £1,000, parents of the school children raised money to repair the school roof.

Completed work at Karongi School
Karongi School, Rwanda