Handwashing Creating Better Health

Following Water for Kids’ support of the rainwater harvesting and handwashing project in 2011, some statistics have been collated to try and find out whether there has been any improvement to the health of the children at the schools where the handwashing facilities were installed.

The collation of results proved more difficult than anticipated but there are some very positive findings. The handwashing facilities were installed during the summer of 2011. Absenteeism rates were collated prior to the installation of the facilities (May/June/July 2011) and afterwards during January/February/March 2012.
Please be aware that these are the roughest of statistics as they are only providing figures during a brief snapshot in time and don’t always portray the whole picture. And in addition there is generally more illness in January and February as a result of the rainy season.

Ndiwa Primary school - Absenteeism rates dropped from 9% in June 2011 to between 2% and 3% during January and February 2012. The deputy head reported that he thought attendance had improved and this has borne out by the figures.

Mbani Primary school - Absenteeism rates dropped from 17% in May/ June 2011 to 3 % in January/February 2012. This school reported previously ' A major and chronic disease that gives us hectic time here is typhoid and malaria. The type of water being used is unfit for human consumption especially during harsh weather conditions. There is an urgent need for permanent water source provision in the school' . The provision of facilities here has shown a very significant improvement in abseneteeism rates.

Minya Primary school - Absenteeism rates do not appear to have improved statistically as a result of the provision of the handwashing facilities. The school reported previously that they were water logged when it was raining with malaria from standing water, and there was diarrhoea and dysentry with lots of children with eye and skin infections. The latest information recorded reported that 'diarrhoea has almost completely vanished because of the facilities. The kids love it and find washing their hands fun. Other uses include cleaning classrooms. Local farmers find great use for the water as well, giving school more food'

Sibouche and Rangenya schools - Figures for before and after provision of handwashing facilities were inconclusive

Kenya Report from Tom Jackson