Kenya - the Ndhiwa Project

The Ndhiwa project is run by Kenya Acorn Project (KAP), a small charity set up in 1998. Ndhiwa is a community 40km from Lake Victoria. The charity's achievements have included the renovation of a derelict house into a community hospital and providing medical equipment, drugs, sanitation and waste disposal facilities. It also supports the village school, including the building of new classrooms and providing water catchment systems and pit latrines. Various women's groups are being supported with seed capital, to begin income-generating activities. More information can be found at

Water for Kids became involved when approached by the late John Craigs, who was a Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and was involved with KAP. There was a need for clean water to be provided at a nursery being built in Nhdiwa village by KAP to provide care for 50 children, many of whom are parentless as a result of HIV/AIDS.

The wet season in Ndhiwa provides adequate rainfall for annual needs, so the water supply is from harvested rainwater from the roof of the nursery, which is stored in tanks during the dry season. Contamination of rainwater occurs from debris on a roof, so a system to divert the first rain, which would have washed the roof, was installed. The water, which is then collected and stored in tanks, contains no pathogens and expensive treatment is avoided.

Water for Kids paid 4,500 and gave technical advice to give children and staff at the nursery clean water for the first time. We look forward to working with KAP on other projects in future.