How Water for Kids Began

Water for Kids was set up as a charity in 1996 after two Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) visited Peru as part of a scheme to help eradicate cholera. They were concerned that people in small and less formal settlements needed environmental health services in general and safe water in particular. They looked for a charity which was addressing these issues, but they could not find one. So they set up Water for Kids as a UK charity, rooted in environmental health.

The name 'Water for Kids' was chosen because it is a good description of what the charity does and if the kids have water, so do all the members of the community. The emphasis on kids also suggests an investment in the future.

The first project at Quebrada Verde was chosen because it was small enough to be completed by the EHOs themselves, if necessary. They felt it vital that any project that was started should be finished. There were and still are too many examples of half-finished schemes and of broken promises in developing countries.

Water for Kids today is still run mainly by EHOs and public health practitioners. It has developed into a successful charity and the trustees like to think that it does things just that little bit differently.

Overseas projects

The charity has completed projects, mainly providing water, in Peru, Tanzania, India, Kenya and the Gambia. We have major on-going projects in Uganda and Zambia, are currently working through other organisations on projects in Rwanda and Sierra Leone. Water for Kids never intended to just focus on Africa, so this may change. Find out more about what WfK has achieved over the years.

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