A delighted family from Kamaila receive their washstand.

“In 2002, diarrhoea ranked number three among the top ten causes of morbidity and mortality in the district because of poor access to a clean and safe water supply.”

Report on Kamaila Village, Zambia

Wash Stands and other useful Gifts

We might just have the solution.
Buy a washstandWater for Kids has an excellent range of ideas for a present if you need to buy something for that tricky someone special.
£10 will buy the cement for a latrine
£20 for a washstand
£30 will pay for a standpipe
£50 will buy the bricks to build a dam

As everyone knows whilst it is important to provide safe drinking water for children and communities, it is also important to have sanitation facilities and to wash your hands.

Villager using standpipe

In return for your payment we will send you or your nominated recipient a card to show the present that will be bought instead of a traditional present. You can be safe in the knowledge that your present and donation will REALLY make a difference to a family this year. It really is that easy; just click on the links above for full details. If you have any queries on this then please email treasurer@waterforkids.org

Please Note: Water for Kids will make every effort to spend the money on the item requested, but there may be unforeseen circumstances where it is not possible. In such cases we will spend the donation on something as similar as we can.