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Ocean Floor RaceCongratulations and a big thank you Janet Willicott!

On 24th March, Janet Willicott commenced the Ocean Floor Race – 160 miles in 96 hours!! Which, we are pleased to announce, she completed in one piece! Janet has written the following:
"Dear Water for Kids
Heartfelt thanks go out to all for your messages of encouragement and support, in addition a humbling and grateful appreciate goes out to those who donated to my challenge.
My Challenge was to participate in one of the world's hardest races, where temperatures reach well over 53°C/ 128F; where the terrain consists of NO SHADE, NO LIFE 200/300m sand dunes, darkness and deafening silence. Running 160 miles NON STOP (yes it is possible) with a time limit of 96 hours in the NW part of the Sahara, self-supported, alone, self-navigation and carrying one's own food and water, was never going to be easy. However, the pain, lack of sleep and heat exhaustion is, and will be, nothing in comparison to never having a drop of fresh water or having adequate sanitation.
To date I have raised £2723, this will be divided in two, for Water for Kids and my son's charity called Brainwave. The good news is that I will be doing it all over again next March 22nd, 2015, and my 5 year Ultra Marathon plan is taking shape.
Blister free wishes always,
Janet Willicott"
You can still donate money and acknowledge Janet's amazing achievement by visiting:

Kikenyi water source before and after protection. Children were at risk of falling in when climbing down to collect water - and even at risk of drowning.

Glanford & Lindsey Lions Club gave £1,300 to protect Kikenyi water source in Uganda.

The village headman said: “The villagers are so thankful for the protection of their water supply. In addition the risk of drowning by children or adults, in the dirty pond of water is no longer present.”