Turning the Tap

picture of water for kids logo made by school childrenPeter and Carey Minhinnett had a very busy and successful two days representing WfK at a school in Daventry running workshops on water harvesting at their Turning the Tap event for World Water Day in March. They had each group of children for 40 minutes and Carey was impressed with Peter's teaching skills! The children enjoyed pouring water out of a watering can onto the roof of our model house and catching it in a gutter to see how much they could collect in a water tank (funnel and cup).

Eight primary schools took part over the 2 days and the children learnt about the problems involved in collecting and carrying water, not wasting water and the importance of the water being clean. By the end of the day the children had learnt a great deal and could discuss the benefits of different types of water sources and even produced short plays about life in Uganda and the problems of collecting water. Impressive stuff!